Our Partners

Presenting Partner

Akrivia HCM is a new age cloud-based HRMS software providing a “hire-to-retire” SaaS Platform centralizing, automating, and managing all HR functions. It’s a comprehensive HCM product providing a unified new age platform for an engaged workforce with features available for successfully driving sustainable performance, happiness, and well-being at work. It accomplishes all that through features such as recruitment management, employee management and engagement, HR helpdesk, payroll management, learning and development, employee offboarding, and many more.

Akrivia is an end-to-end, cloud-based HRMS solution designed to modernize and simplify the entire employee life cycle from hire to retire for both full-time and contingent workforce.

Akrivia has been specifically built to replace obsolete HR processes with AI and ML-driven tech that modernizes workforce policies and powers your people strategy with current business trends and market requirements.

With 15+ modules covering everything from LMS, engagement, and multi-country payroll, Akrivia is the trouble shooter you have been looking for to solve your enterprise-level problems.

With Akrivia, you can focus on the emotional part of managing people and transformation while we simplify your tech and get it out of your way for growth.

To Know more, visit www.akriviahcm.com

Gold Partner

Cygnet-Digital (A part of Cygnet Infotech): Reimagine the Digital Dreams

Welcome to Cygnet Digital, your trusted strategic partner in the world of digital transformation. At the heart of our innovation lies Cygnet COSMOS, a groundbreaking framework that empowers organizations to co-create, co-innovate, and co-ideate, reshaping enterprises across business, intelligence, and customer experience realms.

Our diverse range of services spans Cygnet Domain and Consulting, Digital Engineering, Enterprise Applications, and beyond. We stand as frontrunners in Data, Analytics, AI, IoT, and Automation, and we excel in the realms of Digital Commerce and Experience. Our flagship products, such as AI-based HR automations for transforming HR processes, Tax Transformation for streamlined tax processes, Cygnet IRP for e-invoicing, and Finance Transformation for informed financial decision-making, demonstrate our commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

As we embark on our journey, our vision is ambitious, yet meticulously focused. We aim for a fourfold growth in key markets, including the Americas, the UK & Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Our strategic investments extend beyond technology, emphasizing the delivery of tangible business value and outcomes through our next-generation Delivery Organization. At Cygnet Digital, we are not just building applications; we are crafting the future, one digital solution at a time.

To Know more, visit www.cygnet-digital.com

People Analytics Partner

inFeedo is Asia’s leading AI People EXperience to engage & enable your workforce towards success. We help you create awesomely productive, empowered and high-performing workforce by continuous employee engagement and instant 24X7 employee support.. inFeedo has 1M+ users across 60+ countries including enterprises like Tata Group, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Nivea, Siemens, Axis Bank & Genpact.

AI-Engagement by inFeedo helps functional & HR leaders to listen and engage their employees with conversational AI, predict attrition & act on employee concerns with the power of sentiment analysis, people science and generative AI.

inFeedo’s AI-assist is an Employee Success platform that gives instant answers to everyday employee queries around leave policies, asset policies, reimbursements, payslips, taxes and all things HR, admin, IT & finance.

inFeedo's proprietary NLP engine wins your employees' confidence & love as Amber remembers context from previous chats, understands intent, responds with empathy, and digs deeper whenever needed.

Built for you by 150 employees, a panel of investors & business leaders like Tiger Global, Jungle Ventures, Bhavin Turakhia (CEO of Zeta), Girish Mathrubootham (CEO & Founder of Freshworks), Piyush Bansal (Co-founder, CEO, & CPO at Lenskart), and Benjamin Ling (Founder & General Partner at Bling Capital) among others.

To Know more, visit www.infeedo.ai

Exhibit Partner

Skill IQ is an Adaptive Interview Platform that automates the interview process to screen candidates and check for skill match with open job roles in any company. Imagine, interviewing only 3 candidates and closing your job roles, instead of hundreds that you may meet, interview and waste precious time. This is possible because the 1st round of interviews is done by Skill IQ, shortlisting the appropriately skilled and relevant candidates for your job role.

You, then, simply call the best qualified candidates, interview them in an F2F round and close the job role. Skill IQ works for any job role be it Sales, Operations, Tech or Customer Support. Check out the website:www.skilliq.co for details. Stop wasting time interviewing mismatched candidates. Take a #Skills_first approach and interview only the most relevant candidates.

Talent Partner

Acara Solutions India provides a comprehensive suite of staffing and talent acquisition solutions, including contract staffing, permanent hiring, payrolling, executive search, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

For over 60 years, Acara Solutions has supported clients in a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace and aviation, automotive, banking and finance, chemical, energy, engineering, healthcare and pharmaceutical, information technology, manufacturing and engineering, media and entertainment, retail and e-commerce, telecommunications, and more.

Acara Solutions India is part of the Aleron Group, a global workforce and business solutions company that builds relationships, connects people, and empowers the workplace.

To Know more, visit www.acarasolutions.in

Employee Benefits Partner

Pazcare is India’s first truly Digital Group Insurance & Benefits Platform.

Pazcare enables employers to provide the best-in-class insurance, food/fuel/gift allowances, and health & fitness packages to employees. And the employees have access to all their benefits on their phones. In case of emergency hospitalization / consulting with a doctor online/ scheduling a health check - the Pazcare app is all that your employee needs.

Pazcare has already helped over 1600+ companies in India including Dunzo, Mamaearth, Inshorts, Mindtickle, and Vedantu to take better care of their employees.

To Know more, visit www.pazcare.com

Upskilling Partner

Degreed is a technology suite that combines lifelong learning and data-driven development so organizations can collect, understand and build skills for greater impact, evolving how their workforce works.

Degreed is the only learning platform that makes it easy for companies to deliver daily learning, deep skill-building, education benefits, real-time insights and expert services, while connecting to the most robust and open ecosystem. Each day, over 9 million learners from hundreds of global companies use Degreed to gain the skills to grow in their careers.

Degreed, founded in 2012, launched with the mission of “jailbreaking the degree” where all skills are recognized, irrespective of how they are acquired. Degreed is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Bangalore and Brisbane.

To Know more, visit www.degreed.com