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Akrivia HCM is a new age cloud-based HRMS software providing a “hire-to-retire” SaaS Platform centralizing, automating, and managing all HR functions. It’s a comprehensive HCM product providing a unified new age platform for an engaged workforce with features available for successfully driving sustainable performance, happiness, and well-being at work. It accomplishes all that through features such as recruitment management, employee management and engagement, HR helpdesk, payroll management, learning and development, employee offboarding, and many more.

Akrivia is an end-to-end, cloud-based HRMS solution designed to modernize and simplify the entire employee life cycle from hire to retire for both full-time and contingent workforce.

Akrivia has been specifically built to replace obsolete HR processes with AI and ML-driven tech that modernizes workforce policies and powers your people strategy with current business trends and market requirements.

With 15+ modules covering everything from LMS, engagement, and multi-country payroll, Akrivia is the trouble shooter you have been looking for to solve your enterprise-level problems.

With Akrivia, you can focus on the emotional part of managing people and transformation while we simplify your tech and get it out of your way for growth.

To Know more, visit www.akriviahcm.com

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At UKG™, our purpose is people. Built from a merger that created one of the largest cloud companies in the world, UKG believes organizations succeed when they focus on their people. Our love for all things HR and workforce management is matched only by our people-centered culture. Together, we’re committed to inspiring workforces and businesses around the world, helping to pave the way forward for our people, customers, and industry.

To Know more, visit www.ukg.in

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Stratbeans Learning Solutions, specializes in unlocking the hidden potential of organizations, by enabling digital transformation through digital content and AI based systems, which include learning management, as well as real time performance support.

Using our digital platform, employees access learning modules, corresponding to relevant competencies, filling the skill gaps precisely. The platform generates competency heat charts, across the entire organization through intention-based technologies. The graphical heat charts are used by business leaders and managers to manage optimum mix of re-skilling of the existing employees versus hiring new talent from outside, to achieve business goals. This improves employee enagement, as well as the availability of resources for critical skills.

Stratbeans has launched - world’s first “Content Engineering LMS” (ceLMS), a new technological breakthrough, that significantly decreases the cost and implementation time of a learning programs. It enables Instructional designers, graphic designers and LMS administrators with new ways of content development, version control, sharing, approval cycle, module size optimization, and editing within the LMS itself.

Stratbeans brings rich experience of “Digital Learning Framework” creation with various levels of eLearning and digital content, ranging from interactive animations, simulations, game based, 3D to AR/VR with specialised instructional design approach, for maximum adoption among learners.

Stratbeans transforms the learning & development and skill building for the organisations, by augmenting Classroom / Instructor Lead Trainings (ILT) with mobile first LMS and LxP, which are used by more than 3 million users globally.

Stratbeans in partnership with VYOND is revolutionising animated video creation. And in partnership with Articulate Inc USA we offer, certified trainings and licenses of Articulate 360, for rapid content authoring. Brandon Hall award winner, Articulate 360 is loved by 120000+ customers globally for rapid authoring of video based learning, simulations and games.

To Know more, visit www.stratbeans.com

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TRST Score is the World's Only Employee Trust Score Platform. Similar to credit score which helps in financial risk mitigation, TRST Score helps in Human Risk Mitigation such as Employee/Agents/Partners etc. Employees are given an objective rating based on their ethical behaviour. Just like how a credit score has brought about financial discipline, a Trust score or TRST score will bring about ethical discipline within the organization.

The problem is even larger

  • $800 Billion lost because of unethical behaviour of employees globally
  • 54% of candidates accept offer letters but don't join in the last minute causing business disruption and lost productivity particularly in the Tech domain
  • 30% of companies go bankrupt because of unethical employees

Advantages of TRST Score:

  1. 75% Increase in Offer Acceptance
  2. 90% Reduction in Wrong Hires
  3. 95% Reduction in Absconding Employees
  4. 90% reduction in Employees Unethical Behaviour of your EXISTING employees
  5. 80% Reduction in BGV cost in 2 years and instant hiring decision instead of waiting for days.
  6. 100% Reduction in Fraudulent Experience Certificates and Relieving Letters
  7. Hire Freshers and Interns via our tie ups.

To Know more, visit www.trstscore.com